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Oxineer-Your health partner bottled water bottles

Mineral Drinking Water
23 April

Drinking tap water from any other polluted source is hazardous due to the pollution. Bringing one's own water bottle is a beautiful idea, but it's impractical to do so all of the time because water will eventually run out, requiring the purchase of plastic bottles. So, anytime I'm in the market for a bottled water bottle, Oxineer is the only best water brand in India that comes to mind. Oxineer is considered India's most trusted brand and it isn't surprising as the brand absolutely warrants it.

Our Consult to the Oxineer Manufacturing Unit

As a mother, we become more aware of the substances in the items that our children consume. So, when it comes to bottled water, you must always favour Oxineer since they are committed to delivering their clients safe and clean drinking water.

To be honest, we've always believed the brand's boasts, but never had the opportunity to attend their factory and see the entire production process. We usually have a lot of questions about the brand's purity and their use of plastic, as well as what more excellent way to find out the responses than by asking them yourself?

We had a site inspection at Oxineer factory, and prepared a long list of questions for the Oxineer drinking water industry tour that I had always wished to know about the brand creators. And you know what? They were all answered! Here are some of the most important things I learned at the Oxineer factory:

Before it reaches us, every Oxineer bottle of water needs to go through a 10-step quality procedure and 114 quality checks. They have the lowest manufacturing and distribution costs due to their A-1 quality, allowing them to better serve their customers.

What Makes Oxineer Different From Other Bottled Water Bottles?

Whether you want water supply to open your residential address power, you wish to get filtered water for your co-workers at factories and industrial areas; Oxineer has brought the best solutions for you. They are not restricted and available all the time for the complete satisfaction of their customers. Hence, you can get the most beneficial and effective deal right at Oxineer. So contact them and ensure the healthiest life for you and your family.

Oxineer has established itself as the premium product in the bottled mineral water sector during the last 50 years. Oxineer has been one of the best mineral water companies because of its excellent distribution system and Quality Drinking water.

The technology of filtering the water which Oxineer has is commendable and effective. They have such a technology that filters only harmful particles from the water. It comes up with water which has all the critical and essential nutrients and minerals. Some significant minerals crucial for a healthy human life are calcium, magnesium, and potassium. And all these minerals are available in the water provided by Oxineer.

Here are some of the reasons why we continue to choose Oxineer to other brands:

● Oxineer's water quality is a fundamental and most important cause. After all, it's a clean and noble symbol.
● The bottle comes in several sizes, allowing the buyer a wide range of choices.
● Can pick from a multitude of choices depending on their need.

The company supports plastic disposal, ozone treatment, rainwater collection, and other environmental concerns. So, by purchasing an Oxineer bottle, you are indirectly helping both of these charities.

Oxineer uses a robust process.

Oxineer uses a 10-step assurance procedure that comprises 116 tests to verify that the water is of good quality, as previously described. These stages were thoroughly examined throughout our visit to the Oxineer facility.

● Water is obtained from dependable water sources in this process.
● Ozone aids in the killing of segments and sub from the water sample in this stage.
● This phase eliminates dust and particulates more significantly than 30 microns from the water. There are three exams in all.
● Carbon filtering is a two-stage filtration procedure that removes dust while maintaining the same odour, colour, and taste.
● Two tests are done in this stage to eliminate excess water and electrolytes and seal the water's cleanliness.

After completing all of the stages, the Oxineer bottle is carefully sealed with labelling that includes all necessary information, such as the manufacture date, batch code, improvement in production, and time. They ensure that their clients will receive the most incredible goods possible.

What is the significance of mineralization in Oxineer Water?

Oxineer drinking water undergoes a rigorous remineralization process that includes the addition of vital minerals such as potassium and magnesium. This, in addition to enhancing flavour, aids in the consumer's mineral balance.

● Magnesium makes up over 99 percent of the mineral makeup of our bodies.
● Potassium is beneficial to cell function and can also decrease high blood pressure.

Is Oxineer suitable for children?

Minerals, cleanliness, purity, and goodness are all present in Oxineer's packaged drinking water. What more could you ask for from a Mineral Drinking water that has been packaged? They monitor the water's colour, taste, and pH levels and add minerals like magnesium and potassium.

We are sure there are a lot of parents who are concerned about potable water from plastic water bottles. Oxineer, on the other hand, is a fantastic and safe solution for both children and adults, thanks to its 10-step filtration process.

Oxineer isn't simply another brand of bottled drinking water; it was so much more. Each droplet in the bottle has been carefully examined by specialists, ensuring that it is entirely safe to consume! The brand maintains hygiene and purity, and the water is probably quality is not jeopardised.

When compared to boiling water, why is Oxineer water better?

Oxineer water flows through a ten-step quality control procedure before being sealed; however, no matter how we keep boiling water, it will not be as safe as a resealable container. Oxineer water has the added benefit of eliminating chemical contaminants in addition to physical contamination.

Boiling water will remove suspended pollutants such as dirt or mud, whereas Oxineer water undergoes a 10-step procedure to remove these particles.

Oxineer water has a sweet flavour, whereas heating has a dull and monotonous flavour. Oxineer water also outperforms boiled water due to the addition of minerals such as potassium and magnesium.


The double-ionisation technique, instead of the chlorination procedure employed by many brands, distinguishes Oxineer from the competition.

Ozonation is a technique for eliminating bacteria and other germs that are 50 times more potent and 3000 times quicker than sodium hypochlorite. In reality, the post-chlorination procedure leaves chemical remnants of chlorine in the water, linked to cancer.

On the other hand, the ozonation procedure is entirely safe since the Ozone is three times oxygen, and drinking solid alkaline water is known to raise oxygen levels in the body, which helps to improve energy levels and strengthen the immune system. Antioxidants are also produced using Ozone.

Hence, Oxineer allows you to build a safer and healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family. We have chosen Oxineer to fulfil the liquid requirements of my body; it's time for you to go ahead with it.