Is Mineral Water Safer Than Tap Water

Mineral Drinking Water
2 Jan

Water is the most basic necessity of our life; we all need water to survive. water is the simplest thing on the planet that we have in abundance but still, we can’t consume all of it. because it contains a lot of toxic substances that are surely harmful for your health. that’s why each and every one of us need to consume fresh, safe and purest form of water so that it can help your body to grow.

Origin of mineral water

In the past 5 to 7 years, mineral drinking water consumption has grown rapidly because of its safety and purity standards are much better than the tap water. If we talk about US each person there drinks approximately 29 gallons of mineral water in a year. Due to several environmental concerns and health impacts, most of the people are searching about this topic that which one is better tap water or mineral water. Here we have your solution, lets read this blog and learn which one is best.

Tap water and its reality

Tap water is easily available at your home or at any public place but you don’t know how toxic it is, when it comes to health. Water is essential as well as important which means it is one of the most crucial part of our life, hence a requirement of body.
For good growth, healthy lifestyle, and long life one should consume pure and safe water. Bottled water or you can say best packaged mineral water ensures the quality and comes with a promise to maintain your health and living.
The label on mineral water must meet legal requirements before reaching to the audience. There are few labels required for the source, content, quality, and uses of the water. These requirements are in a place to ensure that labels accurately which reflects in the product.
As known fact, that in other countries like US generally- water is safe if it comes from any public water source but not everywhere.

Mineral water as a boon to the society

Afterall, it looks that mineral water is a better choice in many of the cases. It is purer and safer that it has a lot of health benefits than tap water. Mineral water is always a best and top choice to consume, as its taste and qualities are much better than tap water because it contains a lot of goodness of minerals rather than germs and dirt. Mineral water is most convenient and easily available in comparison with tap water. As a result, people always prefer to carry a mineral water bottle with them whenever they move outside.

Mineral water- the choice of hundreds of people around

People who prefer the taste of mineral water never wishes to try filters or tap water. After all mineral water is full of goodness, taste, minerals and benefits. Many of us need to have an extra precaution while using tap water because what we want is health and nobody want to impact it with unhygienic water. Mineral water is a necessity but the time we realize its importance is when there is a kid in our family or any old person or pregnant woman etc. but one need to know that mineral water is necessary for everyone. Mineral water is the best choice if a person has a health condition requiring lower levels of some substance. Talk to your doctor for an advice on whether bottled water is appropriate for you. In this situation above, it is especially important to use bottled water for mixing infant formula or giving water to babies less than one year old.

What to prefer- Tap water or Mineral water

Authorities does not recommend reusing single-use plastic bottles. Reused bottles may be contaminated with bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. Reusing the bottles may expose people to these unhealthy microorganisms. Empty bottles should be recycled to reduce the amount of trash in our landfills so that the bottles can compose the way they should be. We can also collect the trash bottles with a creative idea by placing green and red boxes on very distance.

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