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10 Detox Drinks with Oxineer Mineral Water

Mineral Drinking Water
21 Sept

Detox is a special kind of infused water with different refreshing flavors of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits. We can also call it fruits infused or flavoured water which is extremely healthy.

You can easily make detox drinks at your home while using a lot of different ways, using any combination of different fruits and vegetables as well as herbs that provide a particular health benefit to the body.

Detox water is made by infusing natural flavors, in which we do not use any juicing or blending method the natural extract of the slices of fruits and vegetable get mix with the water in a very natural method. Detox water contain less calories with more benefits.

Detox drinks are very good when you are on diet and want to loss weight, especially if you love to consume high sugary drinks and soda, then you must need to say a BIG NO to it.

Detox drinks commits few benefits, let’s have a look: -

Weight Loss- Packaged Drinking water helps you in lose weight and it applies to detox water too. Water helps in raising your metabolic rate, which results in loosing more calories. It is proven that one can burn more calories with detox water in comparison of normal water.

Detoxify Your Body- Detoxification is a very known process necessary while you are on diet through cleansing your body. It helps in flushing out all the toxins through out the body and makes a room space for healthy nutrition.

Balances the PH level- Alkalizing food and drinks are very popular dieting trend. It helps in maintaining more alkaline environment in the body.

Improves digestion- Hydrating your body at regular intervals is very important for maintaining healthy lifestyle.

Boost Immunity- Detox water helps in boosting your immunity. Because drinks rich with fruits and vegetables helps in boosting immunity.

We all know that we should drink a lot of water to keep us healthy and for glowing skin water is a necessity but water can be boring if we keep consuming it in its still form. Adding sugar and packaged juices, syrups and flavors can harm your health or lead to weight gain will no other benefit.

The term detox drink is used to cleanse your body with natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables and herbs. Detox water helps the body to naturally detoxify itself on regular basis, it also helps to flush out waste material, while maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Here are some quick, easy and effective detox recipes:

1. Cucumber Mint Detox-Help in soothing an upset stomach↓


◆ Cucubmer

◆ 8-10 mint leaves

◆ 2 tbsp lemon juice

◆ Oxineer Mineral Water

◆ Lemon rings and mintleaves(for garnishing)

2. Honey Lemon Ginger Tea-Used to throat and cold↓


◆ 1 tsp ginger,finely chopped

◆ 1 tsp tea leaves

◆ 1 tsp lemon juice

◆ Oxineer Mineral Water

◆ 1 tsp honey

3. Detox Haldi Tea-Boosts immunity by improving liver↓


◆ 1/2 tsp haldi

◆ 1/2 tsp ginger chopped

◆ 1/4 tsp black pepper

◆ Oxineer Mineral Water

◆ 1 tsp honey

4.Orange and Carrot Drink-For glowing skin & healty digestion↓


◆ 1 Orange

◆ 1 Carrot

◆ 1 tbsp honey

◆ Oxineer Mineral Water

◆ Coriander Leaves

5. Strawberry Cinnamon Detox-Helps in managing obesity↓


◆ 7-8 strawberries

◆ 1 cinnamon stick

◆ Oxineer Mineral Water

◆ Mint Leaves

6. Pineapple tummy soother-Boost immunity & aids digestion↓


◆ Pineapple

◆ Lemon

◆ Oxineer Mineral Water

◆ Mint Leaves

7. Ginger Mint Water-Good for weight loss↓


◆ 1 tbsp ginger,finely chopped

◆ 1 tbsp lemon

◆ 10-12 mint leaves

◆ Oxineer Mineral Water

◆ 1 pinch of brock salt

8. Classic berry infused water-Helps to maximize water intake↓


◆ 2 Strawberries,finely chopped

◆ 6-8 blue berries

◆ 4 red raspberries

◆ Oxineer Mineral Water

9. Tulsi detox drink-Dtoxify your body mainly liver and kidney↓


◆ 4-5 tulsi leaves

◆ 1 tsp honey

◆ Oxineer Mineral Water

◆ Fresh mint(for garnishings)

10. Bitter gourd detox water-To reduce belly fat & side bulges↓


◆ 1 cup finely chopped bitter gourd

◆ 1 tbsp lemon juice

◆ Oxineer Mineral Water

◆ Salt as per taste


1. How long should I infuse the water?

The best duration to infuse water is for 1-2 hours at room temperature or in the fridge for 3-4 hours to achieve potent flavor and water color. There few ingredients which you can infuse overnight or up to 12 hours.

If you infuse for 4 or more hours then be sure to remove the fruits, vegetables and herbs before you consume it. make sure that everyday you start with a new and fresh detox drink.

2. What to use hot or cold water?

Some fruits infusion products out there say to pour boiling water over your fruit. While this method provides fast results, it is better to use cold or room temperature water. Hot water destroys the enzymes and vitamins along with the goodness in fruit that are beneficial for your health.